Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crock Pot Love! (Part Deux)

Here is a quick summary of the other CrockPot recipes I have tried... (all found via Pinterest but links here are to the original blog posts).

Albondigas Soup! - Our favorite so far, and BY FAR! So good and actually seems pretty authentic from what we know of growing up in Southern California. The dried mint is a MUST. We get some fresh crema and "Mexican" cheese from La Tiendita and put a spoonful of each on top. At the same little store we get fresh tortillas to dip/shred into it. (I shred, he dips.) Mmmmmmmm! We have a friend whose family own a butcher shop and we used sausages we got from him to make the meatballs. They were cooked and saved overnight (but not frozen) before going into the pot.

Angel Chicken - I LOVE mushrooms, so this was one of my favorites. I served it with penne pasta. Rice or mashed potatoes would probably be good, too.

BBQ Pork (and Beef) The BBQ pork tasted good but we both agreed that it was a bit too "pulled" by the time I shredded it and then it got MORE shredded when mixing the sauce in, it ended up sort of "mushy" (for lack of a better word) BUT it still tasted just fine and dandy on a bun! The BBQ beef I did from a slow cooking cook book I bought online. We thought it was better than the pork, but very similar idea. Toss it in the pot with sauce/condiments and let it sit all day!

Sweet Mustard Roast (we did this with pork) This ranks up there with albondigas, probably the second favorite. The roast was delicious. I love honey/mustardy flavors and the boyfriend... he loves meat. So...SUCCESS! I made it with these "Smashed" potatoes (I'm naming them "Smashed"...they seem to be called "Crash Potatoes" in many places), which really deserve their own post and will most likely get one in the near future. Can't get much easier than boil, smash, bake, eat!!

So far the only failure we have had was lasagna. It dried out too much and everything kind of melded together, no delicious layers of cheese, noodle, meat..just mush. I got it out of my book, not I'm willing to give it another try if a better recipe pops up. I am finding that recipes often don't reference what size CrockPot they are using, and we have a big one. I think that was the problem with the lasagna.

Please let me know if I have missed anything delicious and easy!

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Alyx said...

That DOES look delicious (the Albondigas Soup). And it's a crockpot recipe? I'm sold. I need to try it!!