Sunday, February 26, 2012

Harney Sushi 10th Anniversary Party to Benefit Chef Celebration!!

(Bloggers Note: This event was in April 2011...Photos borrowed from since i sucked at taking pics that night. What? It was a party!! )

This was, by far, the MOST fun we have had in quite a while! Long, long ago, when we were young and broke and still living by the beach, we had some awesome neighbors across the hall from us. These neighbors ended up being the owners/chefs of Harney Sushi. Before they opened their Old Town restaurant, they honed their craft at the Japanese Tea Garden tea shop in Balboa Park. They introduced us to sushi, which we had never been very experimental with before. And we have always remembered them fondly. When the restaurant first opened we went fairly often, but it had been a few years. I've followed them on Facebook and seen ads in The Reader and online. The restaurant has been very successful and they have a 2nd location in Oceanside. (And it has turned into quite a night life hot spot! They often have DJs and a very club-like atmosphere.) So... when I saw that one of the Chef Celebration Dinners was going to be there I was really excited and 100% sure we would be going.

The entire night was a totally different experience from any of the other dinners, as it coincided with Harney's 10th Anniversary bash! Instead of a seated dinner, they had a sushi buffet inside their restaurant and bar area. There was some seating inside and on their side patio, as well as at the bar. If you've been there, you know it is not a spacious building. Luckily they had managed to seal off the back parking lot and took over that area with a stage, 2 bars, and a huge tens housing the guest chefs' cooking and serving stations, and some additional lounge seating.

The whole party was a great time! Sometimes the food tables were a bit backed up, and the crowd and lighting didn't lend itself to great (amateur) picture taking, but I was busy enjoying myself, so I didn't think about it much. We reconnected with our old friends/neighbors, ate some great food, and danced to some GREAT (local) music! B Side Players...check them out!!

While I got a few good pics of my boyfriend and I with our friends, I didn't do the food or band any justice. Here are some professional party pics!

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