Tuesday, March 20, 2012

(Barefoot Foodie's) Mexican Casserole

So, I read this blog. Every single day. Funny thing is, even though it's called "Barefoot Foodie" she doesn't post about food very often. She is more of a humorist. OK, that's an understatement. She is a friggin hilarious chick, and I want to be BFFs with her. But, back to the recipe! She posted this recipe for Mexican Casserole a while ago and I like a lot of casserole type food (aka comfort food, dorm food, home cookin...heheh) so I tried it and it was YUMMY! Her original recipe is here.

What you need (for my version!):
  • 1lb ground beef
  • 2 containers Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • 1 can refried beans
  • 160z container sour cream
  • 1 jar salsa
  • 1 bag shredded cheese (I used a Mexican four cheese mix)
  • 1/2 cup BBQ sauce
  • 1 taco seasoning packet
Optional toppings:
  • guacamole
  • shredded lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • more salsa/taco sauce/whatever you enjoy!
This has a few more steps than my usual crock pot regime, but I think I handled it pretty well. First, grease/cooking spray a large baking dish. Then unroll all the crescents and press them into the bottom of the dish, and up onto the sides a little so you have a crust all the way around.

Put the crescents in the oven at 375 degrees for about 8-10 minutes. That way it will be less doughy. Next you get started on the ground beef. Brown it and drain some of the grease. Pour in the BBQ sauce and the taco seasoning.

Then mix it all up and let it simmer for a few minutes.Then you begin the layering process. Spread the can of beans on top of the partially cooked crescent roll crust. The ground beef mixture goes next and then the jar of salsa, all spread to cover the whole dish.
On top of the salsa you spread the sour cream, and top it all off with the shredded cheese.

Then it goes back into the oven for about 12-15 more minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the crust looks deliciously browned. (I increased the time on both the first and second baking by a few minutes. I found the crust still wasn't crispy enough.)
This is the final result! There was a TON of this, so it is definitely good for a big, hungry family. It's sort of like a Mexican (-American) lasagna. Yummy cheesy, meaty, melty layers.The topping options for this meal are never ending, but we went fairly traditional with some shredded lettuce, salsa, and (of course) more cheese.



Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

My husband would love this! I need to make it for him ! He loves anything mexican !

CMM said...

It's not particularly authentic "Mexican" but it tastes yummy! And easy to make, which is one of my requirements. :)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

This looks so amazing right now! I just moved to Germany from CA and i'm already having Mexican food withdrawls, LOL!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


CMM said...

Wow, that's a big culture change/shock I bet! Fun, though. :)
I assume you could get most of these ingredients in Germany...?? Let me know if you make it, how it turns out!

Mrs. Monologues said...

Oh my goodness this looks so good! I may have to make this next week. Yum. I am hungry now.

cynthia said...

It is pretty delicious...Kind of like all the yummy goodness of Taco Bell, with (I would guess) less of the bad! Especially if you load up with tomatoes and lettuce. :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

omg! drooling now. this looks amazing.