Sunday, May 6, 2012

Recent Eats

Instagram for Android is out!  
I downloaded it and have been trying to use it whenever I have a chance...

With that said, here are my IG pics of some of the things I/we have been eating lately.  We've been trying to eat at home more but we still get out fairly often. :-)  
We've tried a few new places and found a couple new favorites. 

Steamed (blurry) muscles with chorizo, at JRDN Restaurant.  WOW!  
This place is one of MY new favorites.  
I haven't take the BF yet but I have a feeling he will love it, too.  

 French toast and biscuits and gravy (comes with an egg!) from The High Dive (Easter breakfast).  We love this local bar.  Their food is always really good, whether it's breakfast or Wednesday $6 pizza nights.  

 These were some AWSOME crab cakes I ordered at the Bay Park Fish Co.  This is another local place, it's right next door to a butcher shop that we love to get sausages and tritip from.  BPFC is a restaurant AND a fish market. They have a lot of delicious stuff on their happy hour menu, which is every night from 3-6pm.  The carrot and jicama give a nice crunch and sweetness to the crab cakes. 

This weekend, for Cinco De mayo, we had some friends over and enjoyed some ceviche and the now locally (as in, among our circle of friends) famous Albondigas soup in the crock pot(We also had plenty of margaritas, of course!)

Tonight we actually went to Bay Park Fish Co (again, twice in 2 weeks) and ordered their steamed muscles.  Again, WOW!  They were in a lemongrass curry broth and we devoured them.  Hence the pic I got of the empty shells!  

I hope everyone had a great weekend!   
I'm going to try something new in the kitchen this week so I'll be back soon.  

Bay Park Fish Company on UrbanspoonHigh Dive Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

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