Thursday, June 7, 2012

Potato Salad w/Peas

It is feeling more and more like summer summer summer time around these parts!  
So... last weekend, determined to make SOMETHING in my kitchen, 
I flipped through my Food Network magazine.  
(Picked that baby up as an impulse buy while checking out at the grocery store last week. Who am I??) 

The cover advertised "126 Summer Recipes!" so I figured I couldn't strike out.  As the weekend went on I got lazier so I specifically started looking for easy things that I wouldn't have to do a lot of shopping for!  :-) 
"Easy sides" you say?  Yes please!

Since I usually have small red potatoes around (to whip up SMASHED POTATOES! at any time),   
(I can't believe I haven't posted about them yet!? What the what, self!  Hop to that! It's been pinned for months.
(UPDATE: Wrote about them!)
I narrowed it down to 2 different potato "salad" recipes.  

Grilled Potato Salad w/Bacon Vinaigrette    //    Potato Salad with Peas
 I was EXTREMELY tempted by the first one. I LOVE sweet potatoes/yams in any form.  And bacon, really.  But the BF pretty much hates sweet potatoes/yams, in any form.  So I decided to take the other (easier yay!) option.  As luck would have it, the only ingredient I didn't already have was the dill, so it was one quick trip out for that and then I got started. 

 This is probably tied (with the not yet posted about "smashed potatoes") for the easiest recipe I have tried yet.  

What you need...

2lbs red potatoes (I always have the "baby" ones)
1 bag of frozen peas (recipe said 10oz, had 12oz in my freezer. BUT- I think 6-8 oz of peas would be good.
3/4 cup mayo
3/4 cup sour cream
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
1/2 CUP chopped chives (i only used about 1/3 cup, it seemed like too many!)
1/2 cup chopped dill (same thing) (also, I got some fresh dill after I took this pic and realized dill weed is not the same thing)

Chop the potatoes (I pretty much quartered my baby reds).  
Boil the potatoes.  
Put potatoes in a bowl and drizzle the vinegar and a few pinches of salt, GENTLY mixing.  (The potatoes are soft so you don't want to mash them!)  

Then you throw the peas in your potato water and cook them, 
not too long!  (6-7 minutes is what I did.)
The pop of the peas is one of the unique things about this recipe.

In the meantime, you want to chop the chives and dill.  
Smells so fresh and yummy!!  

Mix the mayo and sour cream up and then mix in the herbs.  
Again, I tried to mix gently so I didn't destroy the texture of the herbs (chives especially). 

Then (obviously?!?) you toss it all together (GENTLY!  haha) and it turns out fabulously, and is a big hit with the BF and his friend who came over to BBQ with us.  Hooray!!

We also had corn on the cob but forgot to get it on the plate of the pic.  My BF took some of the extra dill and tossed it on top of his sausages.  :-)  

He and his friend both raved about it, and thought the potato to pea ratio was fine, but I think it was a little heavy on the peas.  The flavor was great though, and so simple.  Definitely a success!  If you try it, let me know! 

What is one of your EASIEST favorite recipes?  
(I could always use suggestions, even with Pinterest filling up my recipe "book"!)   

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