Monday, April 11, 2011

SD Street Eats (Food Truck)

Most weekdays I don't eat lunch. I like to take as much of my lunch hour as possible to read, and going to get food just cuts into my reading time. But some days I am really hungry or I have to go get gas or run some other errand. In those cases I usually get some kind of fast food or gas station snack.

BUT, I've seen these guys parked near my place of business a few times over the past couple of months. Today I finally decided to give it a try. (Not only because I was hungry, but also because I had not been able to find the Food Truck festival I mentioned here, on the Del Mar Fairgrounds website, so I wanted to ask them if they knew anything about it. They did and it has been cancelled but they told me about other truck meet ups and they are also trying to put something together that same weekend so people aren't too disappointed.)

Sorry...back to lunch. So, this was the menu. Pretty impressive. They use FB and Twitter to get out their rotating locations and menus. Both guys, the chef and the...other guy (helper, order taker, money taker, etc) were really nice and informative.

Honestly, I had a really hard time deciding. Everything on that menu looked delicious. I finally picked the tri tip sandwich. The chef (Chef Andy) was right on it. Didn't take any longer than standing in line at AM/PM. :-) The have a good assortment of condiments in ice at the counter of the truck. I'm sure my boyfriend would have poured on some of the creamy horseradish and mustard, but I took mine plain. I would have added some honey mustard if they had any, but I am not a fan of regular mustard. It didn't matter. The pepper/onion/mushroom mix was juicy enough to soak into the meat and bun and it was really good! I only ate about half of it and my boyfriend just finished the rest, reheated and sauced up, at home. He agrees.

Yes, that's the hood of my car. :-) I am looking forward to catching these guys again and trying some more!! See their website, Facebook, or Twitter for details on their whereabouts.


MAV said...

Yum! I heart street/mobile food!

Cynthia said...

there are a lot of trucks roaming the streets in San Diego right now! big fun. there is an event next weekend and i can't wait to try out other trucks.