Friday, March 25, 2011

Yay for Food Events!

First I saw (ok, read about) ALadyinLondon attending not one, but TWO! amazing travel conference/trade shows over in Europe. Then, after finding out about from another SD food blogger, I decided to look into other food, travel, book related events around town to see if I can get some blogging motivation going. And, you know what? There are quite a few! The first one I found is for a travel trade show. I am not sure how exciting it is going to be since they don't seem to have an exclusive website, all I can find is this and then this, which doesn't seem very promising. BUT, if I have nothing else to do that day, I plan to check it out. Unfortunately I can't remember who it was that inspired me to look into the San Diego based Chef Celebration Dinner Series. Someone on the blogroll of this awesome SD food blogger, I am sure. He's my best source for new people to read. The website gives more details but I got the idea from "whoever's" blog... a few local chefs get together at one anothers restaurants and cook a fixed price dinner. Sounds so fun! AND - bonus - one of the restaurants this year is Harney Sushi, celebrating their 10 yr anniversary. As I have mentioned before, we know the owners (or one of them) of that establishment! :-) I'm really excited about getting to at least one or two of these dinners over the next couple of months.

The 3rd event I found was inspired by a show I "marathon watched" one rainy Saturday a few months back, The Great Food Truck Race. I was reminded of it by Andrew Zimmern's recently aired visit to San Francisco, where he cooked in a truck at a "meet up" of food trucks, which moves around the city. And guess what?? San Diego is having a "Gourmet Food Truck Festival"!! Best description I have found is here, and there are a few other links to buy tickets - although I am sure you can just go to the fairgrounds and buy a ticket on the day.

Anywhoo.... hopefully these events will be fun and worth my time and give me something to write about!

UPDATE: it's these two who went to a bunch of the SD Chef Celebrations last year. :-)

UPDATE #2: Looks like 2 of these events (travel show and food truck fiesta) have been cancelled but I found more! Info to come....