Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Past Cooking Experiences (A Rare Event)

Years and years ago (no joke) my boyfriend and I took a cooking class at a local cookware store that hosts classes in the back. I can't remember the theme, but it was really fun and romantic. Years later (but still years ago, yes we've been dating forever) my BF's mom (my "MIL" for all intents and purposes) and I took our nephew (her grandson) to a few of the kids cooking classes they offered there. Again, lots of fun! I even got some good and simple recipes from them. (Which I have made one time each, I really never cook) My favorite was the Tomato & Leek (& Cheese!!) Tart ..... So easy!

If kids can do it, I can do it. :-) It's basically a premade pie crust, filled with a layer of cheese blend, then sauteed leeks (which were surprisingly delicious - considering I am not a big onion fan - haha, get it? big onion?), and a layer of tomato slices.

Then you pile on more of the cheese mixture with some bacon mixed in, for good measure. (This was a Southern Food cooking class, no skimping on the bacon.)

THEN!! You take the rest of the "dry" cheese blend, mix it with some mayonnaise and Parmesan (more cheese!) and throw all that on top in big dollops.

As you can see from the green stuff there are other ingredients but I am typing this from memory. If anyone is truly interested I have the recipe in the menu drawer in my kitchen and will gladly pass it on. :-) Once the cheese mountain has been constructed, you bake it for like 20 minutes and TA-DA!!! Mmmmelty, cheesy leek tart on your table. I'm going to have to make that again soon, I forgot how delicious it is, and easy! Bonus for me.

More recently (maybe 3 years ago?) we took another "grown up" class and it was about Raclette and Fondue. Super fun again! Learned something new (raclette) and fondue is actually something we do cook once in a while so it was good to get new ideas for that. We were very tempted to buy the raclette grille, but haven't yet taken the plunge. They look like this...

and you melt your cheese on the bottom in little individual trays, and cook meat/veggies up top, to later be mixed/served with the cheese. Sadly, no pics from this class. I suggest exploring raclette to anyone who enjoys fondue and the social aspect of eating fondue. Raclette is same idea, just different kinds of cheese, not as melty. :-) (yes, melty is - despite the blogger spellcheck's insistence that it is spelled wrong - a word, since I have used it twice in my post.)

Coming soon....my Top Chef Cookbook recipe attempts! haha

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