Sunday, November 11, 2012

Caprese Salad Bites

OK, so I admit, to call this a "recipe" is a bit of a stretch.  

But this snack/appetizer is so so so easy, and really delicious, too! 
In this case, I can 100% guarantee anyone can make it successfully.   :-)

There are just 4 ingredients. 
Grape tomatoes (I think cherry tomatoes would be too big)
FRESH mozzarella balls.  (I bought them at the store in a tub, in water. I'm sure a big chunk of mozzarella cut into small pieces would work.)
Fresh basil
Balsamic dressing (or dip or sauce)

A knife
A bowl to "drain" mozzarella in. 

Trim all of the large leaves off the basil stems, try not to rip them.
I found that a whole mozzarella ball and a tomato were too big to wrap the basil leaves around.  So I cut the mozzarella and used half a ball for each bite.
Poke them all with a toothpick, sticking the basil leaf on either side to hold it together.

And.... yep, that's about it! 
Pour some balsamic dressing or dip and dig in! 

 These are delicious and refreshing and (obviously) super easy. 
Also, hardly any clean up! Bonus.
Perfect to bring to a summer BBQ, or a work potluck, or...
anytime you need something quick and easy.   
I've made them twice, once at home just for the two of us, and once to take to a BBQ.  They were a big hit both times.   

Thanks Pinterest!
[ HERE is the original pin that inspired me. To be honest, I never even clicked through to the "recipe" but whoever first though of this is one smart cookie!  :-)  ]

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