Friday, June 25, 2010

The House: Before...

Still planning to close today, but nobody bothered to tell us that we can't "record" with the county until Monday! boooooo!! No keys for the weekend!!
Bummer, since we already had plans to get working in there and a friend was coming to help with the demo and some small projects! Oh well...

Here are a few pics of the house as it is now. We are planning some changes but not sure if we have enough cash left over to finish everything we want to before moving in!

The (detached) garage, CT's truck barely fits! :-)
He wants to epoxy the floor and drywall the walls.

Living/dining area....with "new", but really cheap and poorly installed, floors. We will be replacing it. And the ugly fan.

Kitchen...a little too "country" for our taste! We are hoping we can paint the cabinets and change the look.

More to come!

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